Turnkey Solutions

JoeMax provides a wide range of leading-edge engineering design, and project management services in support of the Telecommunications Industry. JoeMax Telecom provides proposed, and as-built engineering packages utilizing state of the art GPS technologies. We also prepare RFP/Bid documents in a variety of formats. JoeMax is an industry leader in providing turn-key solutions for its clients. Our wealth of experience in Engineering and Design, Right of Way Management, and Project Management ensures that you will get best-in-class service that meets any size budget.

Core Services

  • Engineering and Design

    Aerial, and underground fiber optic route design culminating in a package ready for submittal to the necessary Utility Companies, DOT, Railroads, Townships, or Private Property Customers for licensing/permitting.

  • Right of Way Management

    Submission for licensing for both aerial attachments, and underground conduits. The monitoring, and necessary correspondence from the application phase, and make ready package, to the receipt of the physical license. All related permits including DOT, Railroad, and Road Opening.

  • Project Management

    Project Management of all phases of OSP, and ISP construction. From the initial site survey to the delivering of a detailed as-built package. Acting as an extension of the Carrier we represent JoeMax manages their projects with unparalleled attention.

  • Relocation and Network Maintenance

    As your company grows you may require the relocation of your network assets. JoeMax offers relocation services of both aerial, and underground cable, as well as the associated equipment.